Yamaha Motor launched scooter Ray Z and two new SZ line-up motorbikes.

Yamaha Ray ZOn Friday, Yamaha Motor India Sales Pvt Ltd launched the scooter ‘Ray Z’ and two latest models in the SZ line-up for the Indian market at a function held in Goa.

The Ray Z is targeted at young male users in the age group of 16-22 years, and joins the Z-series of motor vehicles from the Yamaha stable.

The Ray Z sports a smoked-finish visor for a motorcycle-like image, aluminum rear wing-shaped tandem rider grab-bars, a latest instrument panel with a carbon fiber patterned background, carbon fiber patterned seat cover material and active coloring and graphics.

The latest model adopts air-cooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with CVT (Continuous variable transmission) that delivers smooth start acceleration and good pickup with great fuel economy.

Hiroyuki Yanagi, President and CEO, said that “With this new brand slogan and brand statement as a guide, the entire Yamaha Motor Group will work together to make advancements in craftsmanship and marketing that are uniquely Yamaha, and provide Kando (simultaneous feelings of deep satisfaction and intense excitement) that exceeds the expectations of our customers across the globe.”

The company also launched two latest model variations in the Yamaha SZ sport model series named the ‘SZ-RR’ and ‘SZ-S.’ The SZ-RR is defined by the sporty styling and look of quality in its exterior design with special features like its smoked windscreen, aluminum grab-bars and 3D SZ emblem.

The SZ-S features a simpler design in the fuel tank that generates a calmer, more composed impression.

Yamaha SZ RR

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