Samsung host $800,000 contest for app developers.

samsungSamsung will host an $800,000 contest for developers that build apps for the Galaxy S4 using the company’s peer-to-peer software interface.

The South Korean company said that entrants in its ‘Smart App Challenge 2013’ must make use of the Samsung Chord SDK (software development kit). Chord is a software interface for generates wireless connections directly between Samsung smartphones, without the use of an online server or mobile phone network.

The company said that apps in the contest will be judged on categories such as individuality, commercial potential, and design. Apps must be entered for consideration from June 20 to August 31, and the judging will run through November.

The contest will have 10 overall winners, awarding $200,000 to one first-place winner, $100,000 each to three second-place winners, and $50,000 each to 6 developers that come in third.

Winning apps will also be candidates for investments from Samsung’s venture arm and be promotes through the company’s online properties and press events.

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