ULFA threatens Assam singers and musicians for performing Hindi songs.

Zubeen GargGuwahati: ULFA militant group has targeted singers and musicians of the state, who perform during Bihu festivities in different platforms across Assam.

ULFA’s Paresh Barua faction had issued a statement last week warning musicians and other artistes against performing Hindi film songs and dance numbers, describing these as ‘India’s cultural invasion’ of Assam.

But, popular singer Zubeen Garg refused to bow down before any pressure. On Wednesday, Garg, who is also a well-known playback singer in Bollywood, performed his mega-hit song “Ya Ali” from film Gangster.

After Zubeen’s performance, ULFA warns the singer and musician of dire consequences if he further performs Hindi songs.

Garg said that “I don’t care. No power can dictate an artiste. We have our own freedom. This is nothing new for me. The ULFA had banned me in the 1990s too. I have earned nationwide fame singing Hindi songs. It is our national language. Who are they to say Hindi songs will destroy Assamese culture. It is an outdated and ridiculous idea.”

Gogoi said that “Singers and artistes are free to sing songs of their choice. Nobody can dictate them. If necessary we will give all security to Zubeen.”

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