Protests erupt across Assam against Saradha group.

Saradha group in AssamGuwahati: Protests erupts across Assam against the Saradha group for allegedly cons its investors, agents and employees engaged in its various companies in the state.

The officials said that Irate investors and collection agents turns out the group’s realty, agro industry and media offices in Guwahati and a biscuit factory in Dhubri breaking down furniture, doors and windows.

Demanding returns on their investments, the angry people also breaks down the vehicles and scooters of the group, comprising that of Saradha Media, Saradha Agro Products, Saradha Reality here and Saradha Biscuit Factory in Dhubri district.

The investors were angry that there was no authority of the group available here to either assure them about return of their funds or explain the condition to them.

The Saradha Media employees said that they did not doubt the credentials of the group’s owner as he had the backing of well-known politicians of the state and had opened posh offices here.

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