Mahindra Reva tied-up with Vodafone Business Services.

mahindra reva and vodafoneMahindra Reva and Vodafone Business Services have announced a strategic partnership, which will allow users to access and operate a host of functions on the Reva through an application on their smartphones or tablets. The application will be available across platforms such as Android, iOS and Blackberry.

Navin Chopra, director, Vodafone Business Services, said that this tie-up between an automobile manufacturer and a telecom service provider is the first of its kind in the country and reiterated that the service has been tailor-made for the e2o.

Chief of technology and strategy, Mahindra Reva, Chetan Maini, saidĀ that the car could be remotely locked/unlocked, itsĀ  air-conditioner switched on to pre-cool the car, locate the nearest charging stations and have Mahindra engineers distantly monitor the vehicle for faults.

Also, a function to revitalize the car for another 8-10km has also been added to the application to assist you get to the nearest safe spot/charging point after the car has run out of power.

At the launch, Reva officials said that they hope to sell 6,000 units in the first year and should begin exporting the cars to the UK and Norway by 2014.

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