First Kashmiri girl develop Android app.

Dial KashmirThe 23-year-old girl becomes first Kashmiri to develop Android application ‘Dial Kashmir’ with more than 500 contacts of government and private departments, a one stop source for ‘essential information’.

“I don’t want to be a second someone, I want to be the first me,” this is how a 23-year-old, whose ambitious computer engineer.

‘Dial Kashmir’ includes important contacts of different departments, officials and public utilities and would be of huge help to the locals and tourists alike, said Mehvish Mushtaq, who holds a Bachelors (B.E.) in Computer Science.

Mehvish said that “I felt a need to develop such an application because unlike outside where there are many apps and websites which contain such information, Kashmir had none. ‘Dial Kashmir’ would provide information easily to the people here. There are many users of Android platform based mobile phones here.”

Mehvish also claims that the application has witnessed an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 with a thousand plus downloads on Google Play.

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