Assam Health & Education Minister denies allegations of Saradha Group.

himanta biswa sarmaGuwahati: On Friday, Assam Health and Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma denied the allegations Saradha Group chief Sudipta Sen made against him in a letter to the CBI and said he intended to send him a legal notice.

In his letter to the CBI, had accused Sarma of ‘cheating’ him and said he had been defrauded of not less than Rs 3 crore by the minister, whose office executives had signed vouchers for the payments.

Sarma said that “I have gone through the copy of Sen’s letter to the CBI, where he had not only said that I have ‘cheated’ him, but my office executives had accepted money from the company after signing ‘vouchers’. First of all, I do not have any office executive working under me; and I have only personal secretaries (PS). I have asked all of them whether they have signed any document and taken money from Saradha, and all of them have said no.”

The minister said that “I have not authorised anyone to sign on my behalf. If somebody had signed on my behalf and taken money, I must know the identity of those persons. I am planning to send a legal notice to Sen, seeking from him the names of those persons who had taken money from the company by signing vouchers.”

On Thursday, an RTI activist in Assam and Team Anna member Akhil Gogoi takes out a rally against the Saradha Group, and hundreds of people, comprising agents, depositors and employees of deposit collecting companies joined the rally.

The rallyists also demanded the arrest of Sarma and elimination of his properties, in view of his alleged role in the scam.

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