HP developed glasses-free 3D display for mobiles.

HP glasses-free 3D displayLos Angeles: Researchers at Hewlett-Packard Co. have developed a way to put glasses-free 3-D video on mobile devices with a viewing angle so wide that viewers can see an object more wholly just by tilting the screen.

HP’s researchers have found a way to create images viewable in 3D from angles up to 45 degrees from center in any direction, up, down, side-to-side or diagonally. That means viewers can see a person’s face with one ear blocked from view, but reveal the ear by swiveling the screen.

The company’s findings will be published in the scientific journal, Nature, on Thursday. The scientists used nanotechnology to etch multiple circles with small grooves into a glass layer of the display.

David Fattal, the lead author of the paper, said that “the effect is much like you’d see in the movie `Star Wars’ with the hologram of Princess Leia.”

He agreed the effect wouldn’t be identical to a hologram, but, since the images won’t pop as far out of the screen as Leia’s projection did in the movie.

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