Google Play Movies now accessible in India and Mexico.

Google Play MoviesGoogle has extended its movie rentals and purchase service, Google Play Movies, to the Indian and Maxican market.

Both Hindi and English films are accessible on the Store at the time of writing this post. Some HD titles are also available. One can rent movies for as low as Rs 50 and buy them for a minimum of Rs. 190.

The movies section has been made live on the web version of Google Play and on the mobile version. Users can install the Play Movies app on their Android device to download, watch movies they have purchased or rented.

Movies can be streamed over Wifi or 3G via the Play store on the device or on a computer by visiting

Users can also download movies to their Android device for offline viewing via the Play Movies app. Acquired movies and TV shows can be downloaded on 5 devices at one time, whereas movie rentals can be downloaded to one device at a time.

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