Lenovo RCOM set to launch ultra-low Android powered smartphones in India.

RelianceRCOM is set to launch a plethora of budget smartphones this year in the Indian market. A new deal has been signed with world’s No.1 PC maker, Lenovo which marks the coming of ultra- low Android powered handsets in India.

Most of the forthcoming handsets sell under Lenovo RCOM agreement would be priced under Rs. 8,000. The expected date of the arrival of these low-cost handsets is at around March of this year.

RCom President and CEO (Wireless Business) Gurdeep Singh told that “This is an important step in redefining India’s CDMA device ecosystem. In the next six months, we plan to launch 4-5 more smartphones and tablets, which will be priced attractively to have a full bouquet of smart devices.”

The new listings of handsets will also arrive in GSM mode. As well, the handsets launched under the joint collaboration come amazingly with dual-core processor, and will apparently running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS).

It is also being said the telecom giant will be stepping forward in launching Lenovo branded tablet (CDMA/GSM capable) in the coming months.

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