Twitter launched new streaming video service Vine for smartphones.

Twitter VineSan Francisco: On Thursday, Twitter launched a new streaming video service for smartphones. The service called Vine which records 6-second-long video clips that can then be effortlessly embedded within tweets.

The venture into video marks the beginning of recent thread in Twitter’s development, which evolved from a simple SMS text-messaging service in its early days into a platform that now delivers multimedia content.

Michael Sippey, a Twitter vice president, said on the company’s blog that “Like tweets, the brevity of videos on Vine (6 seconds or less) inspires creativity.”

This is the product of Twitter’s 2012 acquisition of Vine, then a three-person start-up based in New York. Twitter has spent current months integrating Vine’s video technology into its service, and launching Vine as an independent app for Apple’s iPhone.

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