Oscar nominated Pi’s Lullaby appear in plagiarism issues.

Bombay JayashriPi’s Lullaby from Life of Pi has been nominated in the Music (original song) category for the 85th Academy Awards.

The music is by Mychael Danna and the song has been written and sung by Chennai-based carnatic music vocalist Bombay Jayashri Ram. Jayashree said that “This is my first nomination and it feels great to be nominated for such a beautiful song and film.”

She added that “Ang Lee and Mychael called me and congratulated me, and I congratulated them in return.”

Now, it seems to be caught in a plagiarism issues. In fact, the song, Pi’s Lullaby, is similar to the Malayalam lullaby ‘Omanathinkal kidavo’. This was composed by the Malayalam poet Iryimman Thampi in the 18th century and his relatives now claim that the song has been copied from this.

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