Wipro purchased Singapore-based FMCG Company for $144million.

WiproBangalore: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting (WCCL) have purchased the Singapore-based FMCG Company LD Waxson for $144 million.

This is WCCL’s second largest acquirement; it had acquired Unza, another Singapore-based FMCG brand, in 2007 for $246 million. WCCL’s portfolio of national and international brands comprises Santoor, Chandrika, Aramusk, Enchanteur, Yardley, and Woods of Windsor.

The acquisition will offer WCCL a foothold in emerging consumer care markets such as Taiwan and western and eastern China, raise WCCL’s market share in the Malaysian facial care market from 17% to 26% and take the company to a leadership position in Singapore.

Vineet Agrawal, president WCCL said that “We are looking to take the LD Waxson brands to other markets such as Vietnam and Indonesia, which have a large Chinese population.”

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