A Deputy Commandant of Assam Rifles arrested for job racket.

Deputy commandant arrestA Deputy Commandant of Assam Rifles has been arrested and charged with cheating several people of crores of rupees by promising them jobs in the Army and the Health Ministry.

Police said that Kam Dev Das, who had been evading arrest for a year, was arrested when he came to the Saket court complex. A woman who is said to be the brain following the job racket, Archana Sinha, was arrested on October 5, 2011. The third member of the team, Ravinder Chauhan, had been arrested on September 30, 2011.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) S B S Tyagi said that “Das, a resident of Deoghar in Jharkhand, was arrested for running a fake job racket with the help of Archana Sinha, a resident of Jorhat in Assam, and Ravinder Chauhan, a resident of Gwalior. After the arrest of Sinha and Chauhan, 21 fake seals or stamps of Assam Rifles and the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, along with 200 provisional appointment letters, were recovered.”

A case was registered in 2011 when Delhi Police first got the complaint that one Major Ravinder Chauhan had fool 38 villagers of over Rs 1 crore.

Police said that Chauhan was arrested from Nizamuddin railway station. During inquiring, he admitted that he impersonated as a Major. After he named Sinha, she was also arrested.

According to police, Das had provides Sinha sample appointment letters, seals and stamps, and specimen signatures of the appointing authority of Assam Rifles. She used these to send provisional appointment letters to the candidates, asking them to deposit Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 1.7 lakh for the original appointment letter.

Police said that after the candidates deposited the full amount, they would never hear from Sinha or any of her agents.

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