Railway Police seized a huge consignment of narcotics in Guwahati.

Railway police seized narcoticsGuwahati: Government Railway Police (GRP) sleuths seized a huge consignment of narcotics from a train from Bihar at Guwahati Railway Station on Saturday night.

A security official said that “The consignment, with at least 8,200 tablets of spasmo proxyvon and 1,180 tablets of nitrosun 10, was hidden under a seat in the general compartment of Jha-Jha Express that travels from Bihar to Assam.”

The consignment is worth Rs 3, 50,000 approximately in the black market. However, no one was arrested with the consignment.

The official added that “The carrier must have fled. The supply of such contrabands escalates during festive seasons. These drugs are very popular among the youth and we suspect that it was brought in for some Diwali parties.”

Sources said that the demand for narcotics has increased with clubs and nightclub holding special events for Diwali in the city and other parts of the state.

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