Microsoft sued over Windows 8 Live Tiles.

Microsoft Windows 8Recently launched Windows 8 OS has already run into patent trouble, with a US Maine based company named Surfcast alleging that it had patented the concept of ‘Live Tiles’ as far back as the 90s.

The live tiles are an integral feature of Windows 8 and refer to self updating dynamic tiles that have replaced the well-known start menu. Each tile can be dragged around and its position changed, as can groups of tiles. Each group can also be customised to one’s tastes, by adding or subtracting individual tiles in the cluster.

A statement on the SurfCast website from Ovid Santoro, the CEO of the company read that “We developed the concept of Tiles in the 1990s, which was ahead of its time. Microsoft’s Live Tiles are the centerpiece of Microsoft’s new Operating Systems and are covered by our patent.”

The lawsuit argues that Microsoft directly and wilfully infringed SurfCast’s patent through its latest Windows 8 products and that by selling the operating systems, it will persuade its customers, partners and others to also infringe on SurfCast’s patent.

SurfCast alleges that Microsoft had knowledge of the ’403 patent at least as early as April 21, 2009.

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