Indiatimes recently shut down its free email service.

indiatimes mailIndiatimes is shutting down its free email service currently being offered at The service has stopped accepting recent users and people visiting the website are being warned of the service’s imminent demise.

While email services from Indiatimes and Rediff were popular a few years back, the rise of Gmail has seen Google remove lion’s share of email traffic in India. Some people have stuck around with Yahoo and Hotmail but it’s unusual to see someone sporting @Indiatimes or @Rediffmail email address anymore.

As MediaNama notes, it is expected that the company feels the cost required to keep the service alive no longer justified the return, hence the decision to shut it down.

Existing users are being warned to backup any data before 18th February 2013, the proposed shutdown time of the service.

It is not clear how the users are expected to back up their emails. It would have been nice of Indiatimes to either offer one-click backup of emails to all users or allow POP3/ IMAP for all accounts until shutdown, and offer detailed instructions to users on how to backup their emails.

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