Bose introduced Solo TV sound system at Rs 25,673.

Bose Solo TVNew Delhi: Bose has introduced the Solo TV Sound System, which single speaker designed exclusively for watching television. The company states that the Bose Solo System improves the dialogue, music, action, and sound effects from everyday programming, takes only one connection to the TV, and fits tidily under many TVs.

Ratish Pandey, director, Bose India said that “TV picture quality has improved over the years, but its audio quality hasn’t. The Bose Solo TV sound system was developed for the love of TV – for people who don’t want a home theatre system. It delivers detailed sound at any volume, without the complications or intrusions of multiple components. One listen and you’ll realize how much you’ve been missing in your favourite shows.”

The Solo TV system measures 7cm high, 52.5cm wide and about 0.4cm thick. It uses proprietary Bose digital signal processing and Bose speaker array technology.

The Solo TV system will work with any TV, but was designed for placement under flat-panel televisions that have a base of up to 101cm wide and 26.6cm thick.

The Bose Solo TV system connects to a television with just one cable and one plug to the wall. No further equipment, wiring or adjustment is required. A remote control is integrated, and the system can also be operated by most universal remotes. The Solo Tv sound system comes with the price tag of Rs 25,673.

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