Assam Govt signed a loan agreement with World Bank.

World BankGuwahati: On Monday, World Bank signed an agreement with the central and Assam governments to offer $320 million, about Rs 1,760 crore, for improving secondary road network in the north-eastern state.

A statement said that the project will support development of main concern sections of secondary roads, implementation of Assam’s ‘Road Sector Modernization Programme’ and development of a multi-sector road safety strategy. As per the agreement, the project will be implemented over a period of 6 years.

This is the second huge financial allocation, while from an external agency, for Assam after the road transport and highways ministry gave about Rs 6,000 crore to get better the national highways across the state.

The objective of the World Bank project is to improve road connectivity in Assam by helping the public works department to improve and effectively manage its road network.

During the project period, strategies and measures will be put in place to reinforce management capacity of related agencies in the state through developing and implementing a multi-sector road safety strategy.

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