Infiltration not only foremost problem faced by the state: Tarun Gogoi.

tarun gogoiGuwahati: On Saturday, Assam CM Tarun Gogoi stated that the foreigners or infiltration was not only foremost problem faced by the state as some quarters have trying to project it though he admitted that illegal foreigners were really present in the state.

Releasing a white paper on the foreigners issue Gogoi said that “The government is concerned about the problem of illegal migrants, but it is not as grave as many would like the outside world to believe.”

Gogoi said that the state had to deal with lots of other major issues such as education, health, unemployment, clean drinking water, etc, that were of priority for the state government whereas Bangladeshi migrants issue was not the number one problem in the state.

He said that “Bangladesh refuse to acknowledge that these foreigners are their citizens and even talk about involving a neutral party in settling citizenship issues of such people.”

Concerning the sealing of the India-Bangladesh border by rigid barbed wire fencing, Gogoi informed that Assam had completed 97% of the wok in two phases whereas Meghalaya had done 81%, Tripura 85%, Mizoram 59% and West Bengal has completed 80%.

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