BJP accused Gogoi of being unfair towards illegal immigrants.

Bijoya ChakravartyGuwahati: Terming the current state of affairs in Assam one of ‘anarchy and lack of governance’, BJP today blamed Tarun Gogoi government of being unfair towards illegal immigrants.

BJP National Vice-President and Lok Sabha MP Bijoya Chakravarty told reporters that “We believe that governance has vanished from Assam and only a ministry exists. A kind of anarchy is prevalent in the state.”

She said that while CM describes the current situation in Assam as normal, tension overcomes in Dhubri and almost a lakh people displaced during the current ethnic clashes in lower Assam still live in camps.

She said that “Over 7,000 bighas of land of satras (Vaishnavite monasteries) have been encroached by Bangladeshi infiltrators. Almost 50 per cent of the area of Kaziranga National Park has also been encroached similarly.”

The BJP leader said that 36,000 illegal migrants, declared to be Bangladeshi nationals by Foreigners’ Tribunals, have moved out.

Chakravarty posed that “How have they managed to vanish. Whose interest is being served by the Tarun Gogoi government.”

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