Assam policeman scored new boxing world record.

Abhijit BaruahGuwahati: Guinness World Record holder Assam policeman Abhijit Baruah has scored another record by hitting the maximum number of punches in a minute on a boxing pad.

The 23-year-old cop strike 329 punches on a boxing pad at an event held in Jorhat stadium Saturday and it was recognised by the Asia Book of Records and India Book of Records as the most hits on a boxing pad in a minute.

Abhijit said that “Now the India Book of Records and Asia Book of Records have recognised this as a record as the most hits in a minute on a boxing pad. But my aim is to enter my name in the Guinness World Records in this category.”

Observer of the India Book of Records Ankita Borthakur echoed the similar sentiments and said Abhijit had followed all the guidelines while setting the record. The category is also new for the India Book of Records, she said.

Abhijit, a black belt in karate and kickboxing, had bagged gold, silver and bronze medals in lots of national-level martial arts competitions.

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