Akai launched reasonable Smart Box for all type of TV.

Akai Smart BoxAkai has launched a reasonable smart box for that adds an element of intelligence to older television. The Akai Smart Box will run on all types of televisions from CRT to LED and bring Internet and apps to the large screen.

The Smart Box runs Android 2.3 on an ARM A8 chip and has 4GB of storage for apps and other objects. Rather than a remote, Akai is providing a wireless mouse with the Smart Box considering that many people will be using it to access the net and will need something more. All apps on the Google Play Store can be downloaded and run on the box.

Likewise, it also plays most video and picture formats. Whilst the Smart Box can access the Net using the Wi-Fi and LAN or with a 3G or 2G dongle, it can also turn into a wireless hotspot for up to five devices.

Akai has priced the product very competitively at Rs 6,590 which will make it a good buy for people with old CRTs and cheaper LCD televisions.

The Smart Box has an HDMI port for Full HD video playback, an AV port, four USB ports, SD/MMC card slot with support for up to 32 GB and headphone and mic jacks. It is also compatible with wireless keyboards and webcams.

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