Torchlight II brings whole of latest features.

Torchlight IIThe sequel to the biggest ARPG of 2009 has arrived as has a demo designed to you into the world of Torchlight.

Torchlight’s  sequel launches to a very different landscape, one in which we not only have Diablo 3 but also a host of other promising ARPGS like Path of Exile and Grim Dawn in development.

Torchlight II also doesn’t assist itself by launching hit in the middle of a golden age for lovers of loot.

Torchlight II brings a whole swathe of latest features to the world of Torchlight, with the addition of co-op play, a large over world, modding support and a range of fresh characters.

There’s an extensive free demo at the official website and the whole game is only £14.99 from Steam.

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