PIB launched a mobile version of its website.

PIBNew Delhi: The Press Information Bureau (PIB) has launched a mobile version of its website to assist cellphone users flawlessly access information on the move.

A PIB official said that “The URL of the mobile website is pib.gov.in/mobile. Mobile users who want the full functionality and display of the regular website can access it through the URL pib.gov.in/mobile.”

The new site has been tailored to display latest press releases on the home screen and offers links to other matters on the website, an official said.

To make the website available to places where internet connectivity is poor, the site does not display the heavy content like photographs and videos on the homepage.

Presently, the mobile version displays only English content. In due course, Hindi and Urdu content of the main website will also be available on the mobile version, an official said.

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