Nintendo’s Wii U set to hit US store shelves on Nov 18.

nintendo wii uNew York: Nintendo Co’s ‘Wii U’, packed with innovative TV and video features, will hit US store shelves on November 18, later that month in Europe and on December 8 in Japan.

The first Nintendo home console in 6 years will allow users to make personal TV and video programming lists and record shows through TiVo and other digital recording services.

Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of sales and marketing said that “It should be the entertainment hub in the center of the house.”

The company showed how the controller can be used for two-player gaming, with one user playing on the main TV screen and another on the GamePad.

The main console will use NFC (near field communication) technology that is extensively used in mobile payment systems, and an expanded online system that comprises game play and social networks based around various titles.

The console will come in a basic version with 8GB of internal memory that will cost $299.99, and one with 32GB of memory for $349.99.

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