BSNL launched telephones with video calling facility.

bsnl New Delhi: BSNL launched telephones with video calling facility which will mainly be used to set up public Video Call Offices by replacing many of the PCOs.

BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay told that “We will convert existing Public Call Offices (PCOs) to VCOs with these phones. People will be able to make voice calls to any phone and video calls to any other IP (internet based) phone.”

BSNL will charge Rs 3 for 45 second video call made from VCO which will comprise 30% commission for the franchise owner.

BSNL will offer various categories of VCO franchisees based on the services that a franchisee owners wants to provide.

Official said that VCOs having medical devices attached to it for remote diagnosis of a patient will also be made available. Lots of other services will be launched soon for which prices will differ.

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