Apple iPhone 5 launch start time begin: Guess new features?

apple iphone 5San Francisco: On Wednesday, Apple will unveiling of the newest iPhone at 6pm UK time, which is broadly expected to offer 4G wireless technology for the first time, and a 4-inch display, up from the current 3.5 inches.

The latest iPhone will be Apple’s first change to the handset’s hardware design since 2010, raising expectation among customers who have been holding off on buying a new smartphone.

Apple has deal with competitive pressure since the first iPhone in 2007, while its rivals have changed as former market leaders like Canada’s Research in Motion or Finland’s Nokia struggle, and as Asian powerhouse Samsung has come to the fore.

Although  few tech experts anticipate the latest iPhone to mark a sea change in smartphone hardware technology.

Most of the attention on Wednesday will thus revolve around hardware advancements like dimensions and screen quality.

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