Worst blackouts hit northern India on Monday.

Blackouts in northern indiaNew Delhi: A huge network failure in Delhi and much of northern India left over 300 million people without electricity on Monday in one of the worst blackouts to hit the country in over a decade.

Power supply in the northern states, that faced blackout since about 2am on Sunday night, was partly restored after almost 8 hours of disruption.

Seven states of the northern region, comprising Delhi, had no electricity since 2:32 am following a huge disturbance in the northern network near Agra in UP. Initial reports said that a total of 35,669 MW power had been affected due to the fault in the network.

SK Soonee, CEO of Power System Operating Co (PSOC) said that “Yes there are problems with northern grid; we are trying to restore it.”

The government has set up a 3-member panel to look into the breakdown of northern Power Grid, according to power minister Sushilkumar Shinde, who took stock of the circumstances.

In the national capital, the only part of the city that was partly electrified through 3-units of the Badarpur thermal station was the IGI airport.

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