Microsoft revealed Office 2013 software.

Microsoft Office 2013On Monday, Microsoft unveiled next-generation Office software overhauled to stay popular with people using tablets or smartphones to access programs in the Internet cloud. Chief executive Steve Ballmer reveals the new software at a press event in San Francisco.

The latest version of office suite is adapted for devices with touch, stylus and mouse interfaces and links to the cloud to allow access to documents.

Ballmer said that Office was designed to work in harmony with the Windows 8 OS to be released by Microsoft in October and work instinctively across the range of devices supported by Windows 8.

Office 2013 doesn’t support Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems. It requires at least 1Ghz processor, 1GB RAM, 3GB free space on the hard disk, DirectX 10 compatible graphics card for hardware acceleration, 1024 x 576 pixels display resolution, and Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS.

Ballmer said at conference “The Office that we’ll talk about and show you today is the first round of Office that’s designed from the get-go to be a service. This is the most ambitious release of Microsoft Office that we’ve ever done.”

Office 2013 will also be sold with a subscription for Sky Drive, Microsoft’s cloud-based storage service. This new software was available online at

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