Police arrested Indian athlete woman on claims of rape charges.

Pinki PramanikPolice in India have arrested a woman athlete on claims of rape and charges that she is in fact male.

Pinki Pramanik was arrested in West Bengal after a grievance from her live-in partner, also a woman.

Police said that they have appealed a local court’s permission to carry out a gender test on the runner.

Pramanik has denied the charges and charged her partner of falsehoods. She has also declined to take a medical test to prove her gender.

Pramanik had triumph gold in the 4x400m relay in the 2006 Doha Asiad and silver in the same event at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

She also won three gold medals in the 2006 SAF Games in Colombo when she triumph the 400m, 800m and 4x400m relay events.

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