Nintendo launched newest Wii U GamePad.

Nintendo Wii U GamePadTokyo: Japan’s Nintendo, the world’s foremost game console maker, revealed a new online strategy on Monday, saying it will launch a social and content network called Miiverse for its newest version of the Wii – the Wii U GamePad.

The latest game console tablet features a 6.2-inch touch-sensitive screen and a completely independent infrared TV remote, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata unveiled during a streamed presentation in advance of this week’s E3 game conference.

“Some people may wonder if Wii U is a simple evolution of Wii or something completely different. I think maybe the best answer is both,” said Nintendo President Satoru Iwata.

He said that the GamePad also senses movement with motion and gyro sensors. By using more perceptive motions to control a game, players of all skill levels can better play together.

The GamePad also features two stick-type devices rather than the 3DS-like circle pads. Iwata called the circle pads more suitable for portable devices where players need a low profile for the hardware.

Iwata also highlighted the features of ‘Miiverse’, the Wii U’s online social network, which allows players to create Mii avatars. Whereas, the screen will show recognizable line-up of games and applications, the TV screen will show a list of games and the Mii avatars playing those games at that moment. This makes a Miiverse for users, which is a combination of Mii and universe, he explained.

The company also introduced the Wii U Pro, a controller for those who prefer a more usual experience. It’s shaped more like the Xbox 360 controller, the Pro sports Nintendo feature buttons and a pair of joysticks.

Expect Nintendo to reveal pricing and availability of the devices, at the E3 conference later this week.

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