Gauhati HC enquires State & Union govt to explain of failure.

Gauhati HCGuwahati: Taking severe note of the government failure apparatus to detect and deport unlawful Bangladeshi migrants from Assam even after resolve of their citizenship status through the legal process, the Gauhati High Court has asked the State and Union governments to explain how such cases should be dealt with.

The court also asked what action plan had been taken by the State and Union governments towards detection, detention and deportation of foreign nationals, and for that issue implementation of orders of foreigners tribunals.

Justice BK Sharma said that “The Union and State governments in respective Home departments are directed to clarify in case of failure to deport the declared foreign nationals to their country of origin, how their cases will be dealt with. The authorities in the State and the Union Government shall bear in mind that more than 40 years have gone by since the cut-off date, i.e., 25.3.1971 was fixed for detection and deportation of foreign national (illegal Bangladeshi migrants).”

The court also asked the governments to explain whether the police and the State administration would only persist to make efforts to detain the illegal migrants staying in Assam for an indefinite period or would prefer to close such cases.

The court asked the State Government to provide information as to how many references were pending in different foreigners tribunals, both registered and unregistered.

All the information required by the court from the governments is to be submitted within a month.

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