Maoist tries to unite strong bases in NE region.

maoists in assamGuwahati: After forming an armed group in upper Assam, the Maoist revolutionary groups are now trying to unite their bases in the chicken neck concerning the NE region with the rest of the country, even as, attempts are also on to reinforce the leading in lower Assam committee.

The Maoist rebels already have strong bases in North Bengal area of West Bengal and it would be easier for them to set up bases in the chicken neck, the sources said.

It is a well established reality that the Maoist rebels have strong bases in Nepal and they are still receiving assist from that country. Besides, the Maoists have managed to set up bases in Bhutan, mainly among the Nepali migrants staying in that country.

Sources said that most of the Bodo groups have severe ideological difference with the Maoist groups and it is doubtful that any Bodo group would extend assist to the Maoists.

The Maoist rebel groups first tried to establish roots in North East by forming the lower Assam leading committee over a decade back, but the effort did not succeed and later they taking place establishing themselves from upper Assam and Sadiya is supposed to be the main base of the Maoists. At the present, the Maoists are again trying to stimulate the lower Assam leading committee with forming a middle Assam committee.

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