Google Chrome become world’s most widely used web browser.

Google ChromeLondon: Google Chrome has overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most broadly used web browser.

Google Chrome became the world’s most well-liked web browser for one weekend in March, but according to figures from Statcounter it has now overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer for the expected future.

According to StatCounter, in the ending week of May 20, Chrome accounted for 32.76 per cent of the browser usage, whereas Internet Explorer was marginally behind with 31.94 per cent. Data for 21 May shows the gap ending with Chrome losing its weekly gain to slide down to 31.88 per cent whereas IE dipped to 31.47 per cent.

To maintain its governance on the Web, Google has invested a lot in its Chrome Web browser and has also run mainstream advertising campaigns that aren’t frequently associated with the huge from Mountain View. This prominence on controlling the software to access the Internet has paid off well for Google.

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