Commander-in-chief of militant group likely to lose properties in Nepal.

Niranjan HojaiGuwahati: The commander-in-chief of militant group DHD (J), Niranjan Hojai is expected to lose all his properties in Nepal as the Government of that country, following the request of the Government of India, has almost concluded the process of preparing the list of properties of the militant leader.

It may be pointed out that the DHD (J) is now under cease-fire agreement with the Government and Hojai has been released on bail for helping peace talks.

The Government of Nepal has recognized properties worth more than Rs 5 crore thus far, which comprise a plot of land and a three story building in Kathmandu.

The sources said that the next step would be regard of the properties to be auctioned later on for sending the money to the Government of India. The bank accounts of Hojai and his wife are also sealed.

The Government of Nepal has also arrested Hojai’s wife Sarita Giri Rai, her parents and brother in connection with a forgery case. Instantly after Hojai was arrested by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), his wife filed an affirmation in Nepal asserting that her husband was dead and transferred the properties in names of herself, her parents and brother.

The sources revealed that Hojai, who managed to get a passport of Nepal in the name of Nirmal Rai, opens two companies in Nepal, one dealing with land and properties and the other in transport business and also he purchased several plots of land in that country comprising a big plot with a building in Kathmandu.

In the meantime, a team of the Central Government headed by a senior officer of the External Affairs Ministry is scheduled to visit Singapore soon to investigate the matter of Hojai find properties in that country in connection with the same case of the ED.

Hojai, who opened a bank account in Singapore to get an international credit card to travel to different countries, transferred the foremost amount from that account to the account of his wife in Nepal, which has already been sealed, said the sources.

But, Hojai became a partner in a China based company in Singapore and the major purpose of doing thus was to get permission to settle in China. Yet, the fate of the company is not known and the team of the Government of India is expected to inspect it during the visit.

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