China clear the way for Google to purchase Motorola Mobility.

Google motorola mobilityAuthorities in China have approved Google Inc.’s offer to purchase phone maker Motorola Mobility, clearing the way for the $12.5 billion deal to close.

Although Chinese regulators attached a big circumstance that Google’s Android OS for mobile devices remain available to all at no cost for the next 5 years.

The approval carries out the Internet search giant closer to sealing its major acquirement ever. Buying Motorola allows Google to expand into manufacturing phones, tablet computers and other consumer devices for the first time. The deal also offers Google access to over 17,000 Motorola patents.

The deal was proclaimed in August and had received all required regulatory approvals except in China, where Google’s relationship with the government has been stressed since it moved its search engine out of the country two years ago in an argument over censorship and computer security.

Google’s Android software powers over 250 million mobile devices made by a variety of manufacturers, comprising Motorola Mobility. The newest versions must be made available free of charge for the next five years, actually in response to anxiety that competition could be hurt if Google gives updated versions to Motorola Mobility and holds back them from others. Google doesn’t presently charge for Android.

The $12.5 billion price paid by Google is over the collective amount that Google has paid for the 185 other acquirement that it has completed since going public in 2004.

Google is based in Mountain View, whereas Motorola Mobility has its headquarters in Libertyville, Ill.

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