Assam Govt move to play racial politics break up the state: Ravi.

IBGuwahati: Bad supremacy is the major hazard facing Assam and the troublesome politics by the State and Central Governments may smash the State into pieces, warned earlier Special Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB), RN Ravi.

Ravi pointed out that Assam is the most varied State in the country with over a hundred ethnic groups living in the State and the Government’s move to play racial politics might break up the state.

He said that a number of Autonomous Councils have been created on the basis of civilization, but instead of resolve the problems, that has regularly given rise to latest problems and created unrest.

The non Rabha Autonomous Council people are joining hands to launch agitations and the area has underway witnessing unrest. The problem will not be solved though the Government creates over a hundred autonomous councils for all the ethnic groups of the State as the people of one ethnic group do not live together in any particular area of the State, he added.

Ravi further pointed out that in the latest treaty signed with militant group United People’s Democratic Solidarity (UPDS), the Government agreed to reserve over 80 per cent seats for the Karbi people in the Karbi Along Autonomous Council at a time when the Karbi population in the district is about 42 percent.

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