Home Ministry issued alert to Assam before ULFA raising day.

Assam alertGuwahati: In view of the imminent raising day of banned ULFA, the Home Ministry Wednesday issued an alert to Assam and its neighbouring states and directed them to stiffen security across the region.

The Home Ministry enquired the Assam government and the neighbouring states to be on alert in the run-up to the ULFA raising day on April 7 when the group frequently tries to begin terror attacks.

A Home Ministry spokesperson said that “As a precaution, security forces in the area have been kept on alert to thwart any plans by ULFA.”

The Centre has to say that anti-talk factions of ULFA may try to make blockades or law and order circumstances in the area as their leaders have directed their cadres to carry out plans to create disturbances and disrupt normal life in the region.

Home Ministry also recommended the states to deploy sufficient security personnel at sensitive locations, oil installations, railway tracks and stations, bus terminus, markets and religious places to halt any effort by the insurgents to disturb peace.

ULFA’s pro-talk faction headed by Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa has been engaged in peace talks with the government but the group’s military Chief Paresh Baruah is persistently opposed to any dialogue and promised to carry on their armed movement till their demands are met.

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