Govt starts to build fence about 10km along Myanmar.

myanmar borderGuwahati: The unfenced border with Myanmar along with the free movement regime is broken by the militant groups of NE region and the Government of India has starts steps to build fencing in an area of about 10 kilometers along the international border.

India shares 1643 kilometers of international border with Myanmar in the States of Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram and the GoI has organized 31 battalions of Assam Rifles personnel for counter-insurgency operations and 15 battalions for guard the border.

The personnel of the Assam Rifles are deployed in the routes identified to be used by the militants and to ensure movement of arms and ammunition, drugs, fake currency notes etc, said the annual report of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

Security sources said that the rigid faction of the ULFA is mostly using the facilities of the NSCN (K) in spite of the fact that the Naga militant group is under cease-fire agreement with the Government of India and the disturbing fact is that the militant groups having bases in Myanmar are now coming closer to each other and expanding assist to each other in launching offensives.

While the Government of Myanmar has sure that action would be taken against the militant outfits using the territory of that country, no such action has so far been taken and according to estimations of the security forces, at least three thousand members of different militant groups are staying in Myanmar.

The militants are also often changing their routes to visit Myanmar and in recent times, there have been reports that members of the ULFA went to Myanmar through Arunachal Pradesh and not through Nagaland as were the case prior.

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