Burg plans to wrist watch mobile phones in India.

burg wristwatch mobileNew Delhi: Netherland-based Burg that makes wrist watch mobile phones Friday announced that extension of its business in India by opening two branded stores in Delhi.

Burg Global Sales Director Koen Pieters told that “We have plans to first establish our business in North India and after 9 months expand our presence in South India. The two stores we added today are part of business roadmap. We will open fifth store in Gurgaon.”

Burg manufactures wrist watches which assimilate features of a mobile. These devices are priced between Rs 9,000 to Rs 23,000. Whereas the lowest priced model can be used merely for making and receiving calls, the high end models have most features of a multimedia mobile phone.

The mid-range of the phone begins from Rs 12,000. “All the phones have bluetooth connectivity and users can talk using using bluetooth headset. These phones have AGPS technology with which we can track phone location on internet,” said Pieters.

He said to trail location of a watch phone, Burg’s server sends out message to the phone which cannot be notice.

He added that “The watch phone responds to the message and based on the time in which the server gets response, the location of user is ascertained.”

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