Bengal Board of Censorship order not to display ‘Hate Story poster’ on Kolkata street.

Hate storyThe Calcutta high court endorsed on Tuesday the state censor board’s diktat to cover the posters enlightening Bengali actor Paoli Dam’s bare back in her debut Hindi film, Hate Story.

Prior, the West Bengal Board of Censorship ordered the film’s regional distributors not to display the posters on Kolkata streets, though there was no opposition from other state censor boards.

The state censor board has banned two of the film’s posters, the one with Dam’s bare back and one more where she is in a compromising position, although cleared 6 others with the blue blackout rider.

According to state advocate General Anindya Mitra, while adults have the right to watch adult movies, minors will also watch them when obscene pictures are displayed. “That will have a bad impact on their minds.”

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