Apple new iPad now available in India from April 27.

apple new ipad 2New Delhi: On Monday, Apple announced that the latest iPad would be available in India from April 27.

The launch is part of the global level under which Apple will begin selling the tablet in 12 countries from April 20 and 9 countries from April 27. The price for Wi-Fi-only model will start from Rs 30,500 whereas the one with 3G connectivity will cost at least Rs 38,900.

The new iPad supports 4G connectivity but in India it will work with 3G as 4G services are not available from any telecom operators.

Whereas the iPad is the clear market leader globally, and the new version with its faster chips, fourth-generation wireless and a sharper display is only expected to cement Apple’s lead, the company has strike some bumps in the road.

Customers have the alternative to buy the new iPad in black or white with 16, 32, or 64 GB of memory, and can choose a model that works merely on wi-fi or on both wi-fi and 4G.

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