Zynga revealed a new online destination Zynga.com.

zyngaZynga has revealed a new online destination, Zynga.com, where people can play its games ahead of Facebook, comprising with people who are not their Facebook friends.

This doesn’t indicate that Zynga is split-up Facebook. Players will log into the site with their Facebook account information and spend money in the games through Facebook. Other than Zynga hopes the move will allure more players and get them to spend more time on its games, creative by the non-game-related Facebook updates and comments that can divert them from tending to their virtual farms, cities or poker games.

John Schappert, Zynga’s chief operating officer, said that the new site will be focused only on gaming once it launches later this month. It will be a place for people whose Facebook friends don’t play the games they play, or don’t play games whatever, he said.

Zynga said Thursday that it will let other developers make games for its network, giving them access to the 240 million people who play Zynga games every month.

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