We will see Saif Ali Khan in court: Tarina Patel.

Tarina PatelThe fight with Iqbal Sharma is apparently turning out to be an impediment around Saif Ali Khan’s neck.

According to a report, Tarina Patel, wife of Sharma actually agreed for an out-of-court settlement with Saif. Refuse any such intention; the actress said that she is both shocked and amused to read such reports. She and her husband are reluctant to compromise and will hunt the matter till the end.

Though, Tarina said that she did receive a feeler for a settlement from a mutual friend but couldn’t belief him. She told Mirror that “An entrepreneur friend Ali Bagash said that Saif asked him for a compromise. I don’t know whether we can trust him because everyone around us is trying to get a moment of fame from this unfortunate incident.”

The actress also revealed more details about the night. According to Tarina, after the argument with Saif was over and Iqbal was leaving the restaurant with her and her parents, Shakeel Ladak who escorts Saif to the dinner, ran to the restaurant exit and supposedly punched her father.

She added that “I didn’t talk about the matter before because I wanted to restrict my comments to the person who wronged us. Now that everyone is sympathising with Saif, I have no option but to expose him further. Mr Ladak punched my father and his glasses fell on the floor and my mother stood there in disbelief. I will never forget or forgive him. Also, Malaika Arora Khan was verbally abusing us. I had never witnessed such behaviour before. We will see Mr Saif Ali Khan and his friends in court.”

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