VLC made mobile version for iOS and Android devices.

VLC AndroidMumbai: Media players are that software that gets lots of attention from users. Now VLC is one of the most popular media players and there are those who stand by it, no matter how lots of alternatives come up.

VLC Player has makes a landing on the mobile platform, but that was on iOS and the player was removed from the app store subsequent some licensing matters that arose between the developers of the program.

VLC 2.0 was launched lately for the desktop and there has been talk about a mobile version imminent again for both iOS and Android devices.

The source for the program is accessible online, thus some of the coders over at XDA Developers have gone ahead and piled up the app and made it available for download.

At this time, the app may not be completely ready for use although you can visit the forum and download the APKs for your device, if you want to obtain an early look at it.

The app is derived from the VLC 2.0 source and it uses native VLC libraries to decode the different media formats. Akin to VLC on the desktop, it’s safe to suppose that the mobile app will also run all formats, perfectly, except for DTS, MPEG2 and Theora, which haven’t been implemented, so far.

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