Toshiba launched PS20 LED TV series.

Toshiba PS20 LED TVToshiba has launched PS20 LED TV model with a mere 17mm narrow bezel. The thin bezel improves TV screening experience.

Toshiba PS20 emerges with support for 28 video formats playback. Users can presently playback most of the well-liked video formats usually available in the market for greater sharing ease on various model sizes.

Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV series is powered by REGZA Engine technology. PS20 series features Toshiba’s proprietary Power Meta Brain, an image processing engine that amalgamates technologies to ensure brittle, high resolution image with lively colors. The 10-Bit video processing power of PS20 preserves the 10-bit quality of input data quality during video processing.

PS20 Power TV series also possess of Auto Clean that condenses the noise during the transmission of the images; Auto Signal Booster and AutoView features. Auto signal booster improves signal sensitivity and allows viewing in areas with frail signal strengths whereas the AutoView feature observes the room brightness and regulates the backlight and various picture parameters accordingly.

It also repeatedly analyzes image lightness and darkness, adjusts it to uphold maximum contrast and condenses the running costs by lowering power consumption.

Toshiba PS20 LED Power TV is available in 32PS20, 40PS20 and 46PS20 with price ranging between Rs 32,990- to Rs 64,990.

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