Subansiri project lacks flood cushioning provision.

LSHEPGuwahati: The Brahmaputra Board has keeps that the Lower Subansiri Hydroelectric Power Project (LSHEP) being carried out by the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation (NHPC) Ltd has irrelevant flood reducing provision.

The Board maintained that this is relatively negligible compared to the volume of flood water released by the Subansiri and the destruction it causes in the valley of the river downstream of the project.

The Board in its reply to engineer Khataniar said that “The flood management aspect is totally ignored including its impact in further downstream as a whole in the Brahmaputra Valley in the post project situation as is revealed in the Expert Group report, as well as, it is contrary to the flood management policy being pursued by the Brahmaputra Board as per the approved Master Plan of Brahmaputra Main Stem (Part –I).”

The Board has also maintains that there is no information concerning necessary statutory and regulatory clearance of the Subansiri Lower Hydro-electric project issued by it to the NHPC Ltd before the starting of the construction works of the LSHEP.

Khataniar has appealed the C D Thatte and Reddy Committee, which is investigative the LSHEP matter to not to ignore these real facts.

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