Opposition members boycott actions of Assam Assembly session.

Pranab GogoiGuwahati: The Opposition members of the Assam Legislative Assembly boycotted the actions of the House over a comment made by Speaker Pranab Gogoi and the Budget for the year 2012-13 was passed in lack of the Opposition.

On the other hand, the Speaker asserts that he did not use any un-parliamentary word to permit boycotting of the House by the Opposition parties.

Yesterday, the Speaker asked the members of the All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) not to create noise like crows when all the members of the party stands on their feet to claims that the Government was adopt biased attitude in regards to providing remedy grant to the erosion affected people. This leads to piercing scenes followed by suspension of the AIUDF members for the day and stoppage by the members of the AGP and BJP.

The Opposition members determined not to help with the Speaker and stay away from the House till the Speaker’s comment was edit from the proceedings of the House and the proceedings went on without the occurrence of the AIUDF, AGP and BJP members.

The Power Minister Pradyut Bordoloi said that the word crow cannot be word un-parliamentary and the crows, as the nature’s scavengers, are keeping the world clean and the crows always signify team spirit.

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