India lack strong case against China to switch Brahmaputra River.

brahmaputra riverGuwahati: India does not have a strong case against China as international laws if the neighbouring country chooses to switch the river Brahmaputra to meet its water requirement.

While the matter is being discussed by the Committee of Secretaries of the Government of India for years, no step has so far been taken to basically use the water of the river.

Sources said that until now India does not have any proof of China diverting the water of Brahmaputra River and just two run-of-the-river projects have been set up.

But according to the sources, China carried out a survey on likely diversion of water of Tsangpo (Brahmaputra) river to meet the water requirements of a few parts of the country and the chance of diversion of water of the river in the days to come cannot be ruled out.

According to the reports, parts of China are facing rigorous water crisis and while the Government of China has been pledge India that it would not divert the Brahmaputra, it would not be safe to consider the Chinese blindly and there have also been reports that several channels to the water scarce areas were constructed by the Chinese.

Regrettably, India is only just using the water of Brahmaputra to stake claim under the provisions of the international water users’ rights to prevent China from diverting water of the river.

Official sources pointed out that thus far, different schemes and projects have been taken up on the tributaries of the Brahmaputra, which makes within India itself and such projects would not be enough to put off China from diverting the Brahmaputra. There is vital need for making optimal use of the Brahmaputra water and the Ministries of Power and Water Resources must assume schemes instantly to prevent any attempt by China to divert Brahmaputra, sources said.

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